Case Studies

Jenny tried every possible diet with no long term success. The restrictive eating plans she followed were impossible to sustain. She had a fear of eating carbohydrates and as a result her energy levels suffered and she had poor digestion. Her low energy levels triggered the need for quick, sugary snacks which after an initial boost of energy left her feeling even more tired. She was caught up in this vicious cycle for years.

To help Jenny, I designed a balanced eating plan which allowed her to have healthy, low GI carbohydrates. She found that her cravings for simple high GI carbohydrates disappeared and her energy levels improved within a week. Her digestive problems such as bloating improved dramatically. I also provided her with healthy and creative recipes and healthy snack options. She started to eat fruit and vegetables daily and good quality protein. For the first time, she started to lose weight and keep it off and finally felt in control of her life.

Peter was addicted to sugary foods. He skipped breakfast and drank coffee in the hope of losing weight. He began his day at the office with two or three strong coffees laden with sugar. By 11.30 am he was starving and had more sugary snacks to keep going. By 2.00 pm Peter would go out and get a rich lunch such as a burger with chips or fried food. Then by 4.30 pm he would be back to having coffee and biscuits. By the time he got home he was too tired to cook so he would make toast or have a take-away dinner.

Most days there were no vegetables or fruit in his diet. To help Peter, I designed an eating plan balancing all the food groups. We set up a shopping list to get him started and gave him a list of healthy snack options for work. He started having regular meals and snacks which included fruit and vegetables everyday and he started having breakfast every morning and brought his lunch to work. And because he felt satisfied with his food during the day, his sugar cravings disappeared. He was full of energy and able to exercise and started to lose weight consistently.

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