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Everything I ever needed to know about healthy eating was covered. It was a lifesaver for me. I had been on every diet possible. I was even considering lapband surgery. This program taught me everything I need to know to live a long and healthy life without diets.

Without Vicky I would still be on the diet rollercoaster. I now cook every meal with less fat, sugar or salt and love it. My son also enjoys my new healthy lifestyle. The change in me is massive. Everyone can see the wonderful positive change in me.

Thanks Vicky


Brayden's testimony

Knowing that diet and exercise contributes to many health factors, I can now confidently provide my children with the correct nutrients they need to enable them to have a healthy lifestyle.

I am very pleased with my results with this program. I have changed my outlook and I realise the importance of diet and exercise. Vicky's program is not a diet, it's a way of life.

I am a full-time working mum with two children and my husband. I have the confidence to prepare quick, easy, simple, tasty, nutritious meals for my family. Meals that the family actually love.

This program was very valuable. It has enabled me to take control of my eating habits. The content of the program was good, slowly building knowledge in a progressive manner.

The balance of information-one-on-one sessions and key information are just right. I found the seven-day food groups sheet very useful. You could not help but become aware of what you are actually eating.

The program was very valuable to me. It gave me a good grounding to continue healthy eating and weight loss.

Vicky was very understanding which made everything feel so much easier. This is a very well-balanced way to diet and exercise, without it feeling like a job, really enjoying it.

Vicky is a positive and realistic coach. Gives you the tools and realistic honest facts on the best way to change to a healthier lifestyle. She doesn't offer a quick fix which always fails. I have been given the building blocks to create my own healthier lifestyle. Now it is up to me.

The program was very useful to me because it taught me that I can be disciplined. It has changed my life. I learnt I need to do more exercise and drink more water. Keep doing a great job [Vicky]!



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