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"Achieving a healthy lifestyle without having to weigh food or count calories was a relief "

"I liked the informative handouts, eating out tips and recipes, they were very useful"

"I established a routine that can be maintained in the real world, for the first time"

Our Services

I specialise on one on one personal diet counselling, but also provide group sessions, workshops and seminars to a wide variety of groups. These include:

  • Company and business staff/employees;
  • School principals including staff
  • Model agencies
  • High school students;
  • Government agencies;
  • Private company employees; and
  • Fitness centre members
I work primarily on identifying the reasons for weight gain and poor eating habits. I then use realistic and practical strategies to ensure a balanced diet and lifestyle is achieved and maintained.


Are you seeking to gain a healthier lifestyle and more understanding in diet and nutrition? I can provide cost effective, personalised, health and nutrition packages, as well as individual diet counselling.

Weight Loss

Effective weight loss can be achieved by unlearning old, destructive habits and learning new, more useful skills. Changing habits must be based on practical, realistic and achievable goals. One on One Diet Counselling can support you in the journey towards a successful and long-term healthy lifestyle. If you would like further information about my private programs and workshops, please contact me on 0439 993 635.

Willpower or Skill power?

Diets based on limited food choices or those which are low calorie, mostly fail. People on restrictive diets get tired of feeling hungry and deprived. They go off the diet, put the weight back on, and then blame themselves for failing and not having enough willpower.

Weight loss is not entirely about willpower. Willpower is to do with people trying not to eat when they are hungry or trying not to eat foods that they think are bad.

Successful weight loss has more to do with skill power, which is having the right dietary information, a balanced eating plan and strategies to change eating habits for life.


Weight Loss Programs and Nutrition Counselling in Adelaide South Australia