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"Useful program, wasn't hard to follow and very educational"

"Vicky got me started which was the hardest part - she was very encouraging"


My aims and objectives are:

  • To examine dietary habits and develop strategies for change;
  • To motivate and assist clients to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • To achieve long term fat loss; and
  • To provide an education on basic nutrition
Content of "one-on-one" diet counselling sessions
  • Weekly one-on-one private sessions
  • Individual diets to suit all lifestyles
  • Daily recording and monitoring of food intake using food diaries
  • Weekly body measurements and weighing
  • Information handouts
  • Weekly recipes provided
  • Vegetarian menus provided
  • Motivation, support and encouragement
For further information on my nutrition/weight loss programs please contact me

Capsicums - healthy

Healthy life-style habits:

Eating breakfast daily Including fruit daily
Not skipping meals
Using low glycemic index foods
Drinking water daily
Eating more and a variety of vegetables daily
Cutting back on alcohol consumption


Weight Loss Programs and Nutrition Counselling in Adelaide South Australia